Is Google trying to eat your business ?

I guess everybody knows by now that Google’s secret dream is to own the internet.

Everybody knows too that this days everybody’s an SEO. A guru on it to be more precisely ( black, white or grey).
But let’s not talk about everybody but the ones that are trying to stick in following Google guidelines ( by the book ) in their quest of ranking websites as higher as possible in SERPs.

Before the year 2000(ish) one of the easiest ( and most common ) “legal” trick under any SEO sleeve was link buying ( among many others ). To bad Google wouldn't see any money out of it so … down with that !

Link buying : BAD -> if you have money to spend we give you Adwords !
This days an easy trick for (a) good ranking is – talking here about small tricks ( or treats ) not the core of SEO – improving your ( or your paying clients ) website speed. To bad Google wouldn't see any money out of that …. so what can they do ?

Simple : invent a paid service for that so here comes the Paid Speed Service

P.S. I cannot say I'm not impressed with the result ...