Squeezing the juice out of #WebAwards

What better reason can I ask for (re)starting the blog than this year Web Awards ? Maybe I can get some juice from people searching for #webawards12 :)

In the last 4 ( or was it 5 ? ) years I always “invented” something to don’t go – my biggest fear is a room full of people – so not getting there was always the easiest choice. And I always had regrets after. Only let down this year was me as a designated driver ( for myself ) but hey, one can’t have everything so I jumped on the chance to finally get there.

Surprise, surprise – with a crowd of over 400 people I could get in ( after the start of course ) and blend without feeling uncomfortable. And I liked it as I finally had the chance to put faces to avatars I know from Twitter, Facebook or the shop in the corner.
Everybody was cool, chatty and dressed down – the way I like it . Unfortunately as a driver I couldn't hit the bar ( the way I’d have liked it ) so I couldn't stay for the after-party but with a start like the awards ceremony I bet that was a great place to be.

Congratulations to all the winners ( you can find them here WEB AWARDS 2012 WINNERS ) and, of course, to all that didn't win this year.

Trying is always better than doing nothing so … Web Awards 2013 is sooner than you think.

Many thanks to the organizers (not pushing it now to get some search/link juice from the main organizer - you all know who he is so no names mentioned ), pity I had no guts to get to introduce myself ( as any civilized person would've done ) and congratulate them in person.

Maybe next year…